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Ariane + Julia

Olympus Photography Playgrond 2015

Into the woods

The ever-surprising facets of Hamburg captured once more in some nature-related photos in the woods of the beautiful Alsterwanderweg.


Hamburg port autumn tour

It’s cold and dark and funny and eye-opening: A tour along dikes and the south Hamburg port area.


Amsterdam 2014

It's red, it's green, it's blue: It's Amsterdam. A trip to the city of cyclists, canals and happy people.


Seattle 2012

Despite the ever present Space Needle and waterfront ferris wheel, Seattle is way more: It's the home of grunge music and bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam (and the great Experience Music Project museum commemorating it), Boeing and not to forget your favorite coffee to go brand Starbucks. And still, Seattle remains as the underdog of American metropolises.


Prague 2014

A trip to the beautiful city of Prague, to refresh memories, to relax, to indulge in the delicious czech cuisine and to enjoy the last real summer days.


Stockholm 2014

The first kind of a long weekend vacation and Stockholm was no disappointment: Old & modern architecture, beautiful parks, pristine water and the fashion elite all in one place.


USA 1/60

In 2013, I started a project where I uploaded one image every day for sixty days in a row. For me, this was motivation to finally get my hands on some amazing photos I still had from my around-the-world-trip and show them online.


NYC 2009 - The Book

When nine friends come together in a city that never sleeps, something happens to you you'll probably never ever forget. This was the case when we all met in NYC for one week of sightseeing, 1$ pizza, central park breakfasts and...memories.


NYC 2012 - The Book

Which better place to pick for the last stop on your around-the-world trip? Finish where your travel-addiction all began. For me, that's NYC for sure and why not come here for a second, completely different time.


Paula - Morning Glory

6am in the morning on a beautiful, sunny day in Fremantle, Australia: Two german backpackers find themselves wandering on empty streets, looking for photo spots, a bit tired though. It's January and already mild twenty-something degree celsius, sun is rising, the light warm and soft. My last chance to get Paula in front of the camera...


Polaroid Pictures - Australia

When you spend too much time on road trips, this is what happens: A collection of ordinary pictures I shot with my phone and turned into polaroids.


Hamburg Cyclassics 2014

Every year, a bunch of cycling-addicts meet up in Hamburg and race against the clock for 55km, 100km or 155km. It's the day where almost the entire city centre is closed for traffic leading into a chaotic mess. Welcome to the Hamburg Cyclassics.

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